Gabion construction in Llandudno, Cape Town South Africa. It is considered the largest stainless steel gabion project in the Western Cape. Read more


Love Civils is a civil engineering company specialising in gabion construction. We also provide armourflex, earthworks, and various construction services. See the full list of products and services. Love Civils has has been in operation for 13 years.

Love Civils specialises in gabion construction. Gabion construction is a labour intensive operation, hence we are able to meet a much needed social responsibility of job creation in South Africa.
Our vision is to improve effeciency, productivity and increase discipline. In order to achieve this vision, our mission involves key focus areas: commitment, criteria, priority, devotion and encouragement.

We have more than 20 successful developments in the Western Cape, South Africa, completed in the span of 7 years. Love Civils is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board in the 4CE PE category.

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